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Data Traveler Micro, a mais pequena USB Flash drive da Kingston

Just another gamer ...

Destaques PPLWARE

  1. Outro says:

    E esquecida em muitos bolsos, sofás e intestinos de cães e gatos. 😉

  2. Pedro says:

    Com esses preços vou mesmo comprar uma!

  3. Dust Bunny says:

    E para evitar que fique mais cara, porque não passar em http://bit.ly/pl118 e assinar a petição?

  4. Filipe says:


    que velocidade de escrita/leitura têm as meninas?

  5. la_marca says:

    Não entendo porque não é usb 3.0!

  6. Mains says:

    Ninguém sabe as velocidade de escrita e leitura?

  7. serva says:

    Caros eu queria é que assinassem a petição contra a lei designada de SOPA , uma das leis a ser aprovada pelos Estados Unidos da America que colocaria este País no mesmo contexto da China Irão Etc , de salientar que esta lei a ser aprovada como é evidente não afectaria só os Estados Unidos , mas sim todo o Mundo , leiam um pouco sobre este projecto de lei que vai muito além de se combater aquilo a que se chama de ” PIRATARIA ” , depois de lerem e se informarem caso queiram votar aqui fica o Link .


    Já agora posso dizer que quem esteja interessado em comprar memoria o deverá fazer muito rapidamente , vão subir de preço muito brevemente .

    Aceitem os meus sinceros cumprimentos


  8. inforcar.net (NAs, storage) says:

    Pens e mais pens, para que quando que com o meu NAs server tenho tudo à mão.

  9. Pedro Brito says:

    Também não entendo o porque de ser 3.0 , mas mesmo assim o preço está bastante acessível , é aproveitar enquanto os preços não sobem neste pais 🙂

  10. serva says:

    Não me estão a ligar nenhuma , vejam esta declaração acerca da SOPA


    NTERNETS, 18th of January 2012.

    Over a century ago Thomas Edison got the patent for a device which would “do for the eye what the phonograph does for
    the ear”. He called it the Kinetoscope. He was not only amongst the first to record video, he was also the first person
    to own the copyright to a motion picture.

    Because of Edisons patents for the motion pictures it was close to financially impossible to create motion pictures
    in the North american east coast. The movie studios therefor relocated to California, and founded what we today call
    Hollywood. The reason was mostly because there was no patent.
    There was also no copyright to speak of, so the studios could copy old stories and make movies out of them – like
    Fantasia, one of Disneys biggest hits ever.

    So, the whole basis of this industry, that today is screaming about losing control over immaterial rights, is that they
    circumvented immaterial rights. They copied (or put in their terminology: “stole”) other peoples creative works,
    without paying for it. They did it in order to make a huge profit. Today, they’re all successful and most of the
    studios are on the Fortune 500 list of the richest companies in the world. Congratulations – it’s all based on being
    able to re-use other peoples creative works. And today they hold the rights to what other people create.
    If you want to get something released, you have to abide to their rules. The ones they created after circumventing
    other peoples rules.

    The reason they are always complainting about “pirates” today is simple. We’ve done what they did. We circumvented the
    rules they created and created our own. We crushed their monopoly by giving people something more efficient. We allow
    people to have direct communication between eachother, circumventing the profitable middle man, that in some cases take
    over 107% of the profits (yes, you pay to work for them).
    It’s all based on the fact that we’re competition.
    We’ve proven that their existance in their current form is no longer needed. We’re just better than they are.

    And the funny part is that our rules are very similar to the founding ideas of the USA. We fight for freedom of speech.
    We see all people as equal. We believe that the public, not the elite, should rule the nation. We believe that laws
    should be created to serve the public, not the rich corporations.

    The Pirate Bay is truly an international community. The team is spread all over the globe – but we’ve stayed out of the
    USA. We have Swedish roots and a swedish friend said this:
    The word SOPA means “trash” in Swedish. The word PIPA means “a pipe” in Swedish. This is of course not a coincidence.
    They want to make the internet inte a one way pipe, with them at the top, shoving trash through the pipe down to the
    rest of us obedient consumers.
    The public opinion on this matter is clear. Ask anyone on the street and you’ll learn that noone wants to be fed with
    trash. Why the US government want the american people to be fed with trash is beyond our imagination but we hope that
    you will stop them, before we all drown.

    SOPA can’t do anything to stop TPB. Worst case we’ll change top level domain from our current .org to one of the
    hundreds of other names that we already also use. In countries where TPB is blocked, China and Saudi Arabia springs to
    mind, they block hundreds of our domain names. And did it work? Not really.
    To fix the “problem of piracy” one should go to the source of the problem. The entertainment industry say they’re
    creating “culture” but what they really do is stuff like selling overpriced plushy dolls and making 11 year old girls
    become anorexic. Either from working in the factories that creates the dolls for basically no salary or by watching
    movies and tv shows that make them think that they’re fat.

    In the great Sid Meiers computer game Civilization you can build Wonders of the world. One of the most powerful ones
    is Hollywood. With that you control all culture and media in the world. Rupert Murdoch was happy with MySpace and had
    no problems with their own piracy until it failed. Now he’s complainting that Google is the biggest source of piracy
    in the world – because he’s jealous. He wants to retain his mind control over people and clearly you’d get a more
    honest view of things on Wikipedia and Google than on Fox News.

    Some facts (years, dates) are probably wrong in this press release. The reason is that we can’t access this information
    when Wikipedia is blacked out. Because of pressure from our failing competitors. We’re sorry for that.

    THE PIRATE BAY, (K)2012




    • Dário says:

      ok ok ninguém que visita este site está de acordo com a SOPA, mas há um fórum e tópicos destinados a esse importante assunto. Desculpa mas é que quando assumimos posturas de quase fanatismo, por muito justificado que seja, tendemos a perder a maçar as pessoas e a causar o seu desinteresse…

  11. Para quem quer “grandes” capacidades a tamanhos mínimos é de aproveitar 🙂 e o preço também ajuda.

  12. José Azevedo says:

    Já se encontram à venda por cá?

  13. jpng81 says:

    Nao recomendo esta pen…. e muito lenta, posso dizer que comprar esta pen ou cartao de memoria a velocidade e exatamente igual. Pequeno por pequeno prefiro um cartao de memoria sempre e mais pequeno ainda.

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