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Songs to Wear

I make songs in any genre, for free or for money, based on instructions people send me.


Obrigado pela sugestão alfa20.

Para quem gosta e acompanha a iniciativa do Live8, deixo-vos aqui dezenas de vídeos de alta qualidade dos concertos.


Napster and Ericsson…


to partner on cellphone music service. While Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones may be getting all the buzz, they’re not the only way the Swedish half of that partnership is working to bring music to the mobile masses. Ericsson is expected to announce a new partnership with Napster to offer a version of Napster’s subscription-based service to cellphone carriers worldwide. Lots of details apparently still need to be clarified, including whether the service will be based on Napster To Go or a new platform, but buy-in from service providers could give the partnership a jump on Apple and Motorola’s long-delayed iTunes phone, which reportedly (though denied by Moto) has carriers in a snit over being cut out of the revenue loop.

Pink Floyd!

Estes serão eternamente os meus favoritos.

The Smiths

Lembro-me como se fosse hoje, Dezembro de 1993, andava eu pela cidade de Munique. Na conversa com o nosso interlocutor alemão apercebo-me de uma local magnífico, álbuns carismáticos que marcaram épocas, idades, ideologias.

10000 Maniacs

Estava tranquilo a pesquisar este infindável mundo cibernético, quando achei que estava o meu ambiente calmo demais, monótono mesmo. Frente...