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Facebook lança ferramenta para ajudar o povo afegão a bloquear as suas contas


Autor: Marisa Pinto

  1. Sed says:

    ate parece q vai adiantar….nada q o facebook faça ajuda de verdade.

    facebook deveria ter um escandalo bem mundialmente, e todos sairem, instagram tb….e vazamento de dados e comprometimento de segurança whats

  2. jorgeg says:

    “We’ve become a nation of navel gazers who have it so easy that our free time is spent arguing over whether someone with a dick can be a chick, holding great leaders of the past to impossible standards of the present, and adding new genders to the grievance menu every 5 minutes.

    Our government has propped up the most Dunning-Kruger infected “experts” the world has ever known and yet they still keep shouting “trust the science” because they’ve turned science into a religious cult that will brook no dissent.

    The “feminists” in this country care more about protesting an imaginary “wage gap” while wearing knitted pussy caps while women around the globe are still stoned to death for daring to be seen in public with a man or raped to death for not covering her body enough.

    Our military “leaders” are more concerned with dumbing down PT requirements and psych requirements so they can create an armed force thats more adept at examining their privilege than waging a war.
    Our political “leaders”, on both sides, do absolutely nothing for the good of this nation or its people because they are too focused on money laundering, err I mean fundraising, so they can perpetuate their power and get rich off the backs of the taxpayers.
    The mega corporations and billionaires have banded together and are essentially running this country as the bastard hate child of an oligarchy and a technocracy because our elected politicians are feckless fuckwits that don’t want to do any actual work.

    The anti-Trump zealots spent 4 years turning over every rock, analyzing every word, dissecting every action, crying “25th” everytime he mispronounced a word and attacked him relentlessly for not listening to the “sage” advice of the intelligence agencies and state department.” – Shashi Galore

  3. . says:

    O melhor seria e será cada um fechar as contas…

  4. Zé Duarte says:

    Não adianta de muito. Até pode ter o efeito inverso, quem usar isso levanta logo suspeitas.

  5. Jorge Pedro Miguel says:

    Já vai tarde…

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